What would you do if Johnus or Kelt, having had enough of war, decided to defect?
─ Anonymous

Defect? Now, you’re almost making me laugh. Johnus does have his secrets, yet our Kelt - defecting? Quite a humoring thought, as ridiculous as it is.

But for the sake of answering your question, even though it would strongly go against my views, I would accompany them. How would they survive in the cruel, lawless north without my charm and sharp sword?


Is there something you are keeping from Johnus or Kelt?
─ Anonymous

I wonder, I wonder…


But now, what is a woman’s mystery without a secret, or two?

Death and Dungeons || Sidjay, Amean & Absarc & Calat & Salsia


She was amazing. Amean really hadn’t seen Sidjay fight before - except for the one guard on the rims of HagaFosiel, but even now, with all those Demons around her, she really didn’t seem to be afraid at all. Slashing her large sword around, Amean watched her in awe, thought still dizzy, and really glad he didn’t have to be in there with them, if he had to be honest.

Then Absarc entered the fight, too, and even though they had never fought before, they fought together so well. Sidjay fought incredibly aggressive, Absarc had his perfect mix between defense and offensive. When Sidjay threw her sword up on her shoulder again, her back was free, but before the large Demon could get to her, he stopped in his tracks, looked into the distance with a shocked expression on his face, and screamed, as Absarc stung his sword deep through his chest. As Absarc pulled it out, blood gushed out from it - and Amean knew that this was the Demon’s end, unless Blue Magicians would come and get them in time. Still, with that steady blood loss, he would most likely faint in less than a handful of minutes. Absarc seemed to think so, too, since he turned away from the large Demon, running over to Sidjay.

"Why hello.", Sidjay said with another of her charming smiles at Absarc arriving at her side, as if she wasn’t standing in a pool of blood. A shiver ran down Amean’s spine. He knew she probably didn’t mean to look so cold-blooded, but her absolutely thinking what she was doing was right, didn’t make the three men hurt look any less miserable in Amean’s eyes. The Teccup looked away, this was no time to feel sympathy. Two more Demons, then they were there. Then there was Salsia. They had kidnapped her, they had taken her. This maybe wasn’t fair, but it was necessary.

But as he stood there, staring away, Sidjay’s voice suddenly turned victorious - but soft. “Mercy is a gift from the Gods.”, she said, and sounded as if she quoted someone, so Amean looked at them again. The two Demons left on their feet had dropped their weapon, and while Sidjay and Absarc were still holding theirs up, Sidjay was smiling, warm, but triumphantly. “However, we cannot simply let you roam by sense, you might possibly call for help. So do forgive me, it may hurt, but mercy we shall show.”, she said, pushed her sword into its sheath, gave Absarc a quick look as she took the sheath off her belt - and hit both on the head with it.

Looking through the room, all the guards were on the ground, though all three still breathing, hopefully for a little longer. Carefully, Amean stepped into the room, and Absarc came to him immediately. “Let’s go.”, he said, and with the shine in his eyes, Amean knew that this was it. They had done it. Just a few more meters, then they had to get them out of their cells, then they had to leave HagaFosiel.

Then Salsia and Calat would be safe.

Huffing and catching breath, Sidjay looked at the Demons on the ground, and felt great. Victorious, strong, filled with energy, even though there was quite a cut on her back where one of them had cut through her leather armor. It hurt and stung, but the fact that she felt it, and her head wasn’t dizzy was a good sign, so she really didn’t care any more.

Stepping back, Sidjay looked at Amean, who had entered the room quickly, and as Absarc opened the door the guys were guarding, a long hallway lead down. Amean instantly dashed down there, Absarc right behind him. There was someone precious to them, someone close - while to Sidjay, down there was glory and praise, and a fun meet-again.

The hallway that had started out nice slowly became rougher and rougher, the walls just proof that is was hit out of stone. It looked ragged, though still so professional and.. pretty if she looked at it. Build by dwarfs, who tried to make it look ugly, but still were masters of their art.

Eventually, a dim light appeared at the end of the tunnel - they were so close - which was when they saw two more silhouettes running up to them. Absarc and Sidjay stopped, their hands on their swords again, but Amean kept running. Whether it was because of his senses, or anything else, just as Sidjay yelled “Amean!”, after him, Amean yelled something else. “Salsia!”, he said, breathlessly, “Salsia!”, so unlike the calm Amean Sidjay knew.

Instantly, Absarc was running again, too, so Sidjay went into a jog, too. Soon, she was able to actually see the figures, too, a blonde the guys were aiming for, and Calat, but not as she had seen him at Meas. Both of them looked terrible. They were thin, clearly not getting enough food, and both of them were beat up, Calat more than Salsia. Salsia looked… off. Weird, way too pale, even for an Ocre.

"Calat, what an honour to meet you once again - and what luck I did not attack, nor kill you back then.", she said to the man, smiling at him as she put a hand on his shoulder, then she turned to Salsia: "My name is Sidjay Markinson, we will bring you to freedom again. Yet allow me - how did you find a way out of your cells? You must be quite capable to do so in your… condition.", she said carefully.

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Joy Joy Joy Joy. Your are absolutely lovely, your writing is brilliant, and your characters are all spot-on perfect and precious. And just like your name says, you're an absolute joy to be around :)
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You guys are too cute…


Dear Joy, there are no words to describe what you've meant for me and this rp throughout the year. You are incredible, truly the best!
─ Anonymous

*kisses you*


*delayed appreciation day msg* Gosh, Joy is the perfect name for you. You once introduced yourself to me saying that you try to live up with your name, and I believe you because you actually do it. You always give me a smile when I talk to you and I appreciate that a lot that I'm glad we have appreciation day. Also, you have a great creative talent and I'm glad I've wrote and talked with you. You are flawless. <3
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All of your are just so great and perfect! ;A; <3


Joy, think of all the things I could say to compliment you and your writing, and I'll say it. Because you are so wonderful and sweet that you deserve whatever you want (in terms of words, Joy, you can't have a car). You are amazing. I luvs you!
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Why can’t I have a car though? ;A; I could visit you all!


Joy! Joy Joy Joy, you are just amazing, always up-beat and happy and encouraging and you deserve all the hugs in the world. Same goes for your characters, especially Benji, the little angry fluffball. Stay awesome!
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I’m encouraging because you guys are AMAZING!!!!!


─ Anonymous


If you knew someone else's secret, would you tell anyone? If it was really really story-worthy?
─ Anonymous

Oh, my, my, I think you got me.

As someone listening and conversing with so many, I do tend to get to listen to some very peculiar secrets. Some make for such an amazing tale, that I have found myself retelling it - without telling names, of course, but still. I have sinned!