He’s…A good man. A very good man, he’s respectable and truthful and brave, but I’m afraid that he deserves a woman far more qualified than myself. And I honestly think he doesn’t fancy me either. I’d be surprised if he did.image

More qualified than you? I do dare to disagree! Which woman would fit better? It is Lady Gaia and you who are ‘equally qualified’, as you have said - and Lady Gaia is his dear cousin.

While by no means I would wish to be in a position such as yourself - I am not very fond of responsibility - I and many women among me look up to you. I am very surprised you speak of yourself so lowly.


Well, I’m sure you’ll do a great job. Keep those men in line for me, will you?

[Her eyes widened slightly in surprise and she shook her head.] Me? And the King? Oh no, we’re not-…I mean it’d be an honor, but we’re not in that sort of relationship…Do people think that?

Why certainly, I will do my best to do you all honours.

Oh! I do apologize if I embarrassed you, that was not my intention at all.
In all honesty, quite some do, Ser. He has expressed how much he would enjoy a romantic relation quite a few times, by now, and he was only ever seen with one woman - you, Ser.
A pity. Do you fancy him?

Was there ever a time when you didn't want to be a Knight anymore?
─ Anonymous

I have had times where I wished I did not have to conform to most necessities and responsibilities that come with being a Knight. 

However, not being a Knight at all is something I have not thought about. I do enjoy it. I have met incredible Beings, traveled to countries far away and have had breath-taking adventures.

Plus, solemnly being a Markinson comes with responsibilities as well.


Will you be joining on the rescue then?

Oh…And yes, I should be calling him by his title, excuse me…


And I think we are.

I am proud to say I was the first to volunteer. After all, I have been captured during Alcart, so I might know where they are being held.
It is my first rescue mission, too - very exciting.

Oh, no, Ser, feel free to speak freely!
It’s very refreshing and assuring to know there is a woman in the King’s life, after all. Worlds travel fast, rumours even faster, and people have been yearning to see a Queen by his side.


No, it is fine, Miss Markinson. Karadas just won’t allow me to go on the rescue mission.image

He is not? My, I have to admit, I am quite disappointed.

…yet amusing to hear of the Trolian King as simply ‘Karadas’. Are you close, Ser?

30DC, Day 14: Everything Changed when the North attacked

Although scientists disagree often and angrily, in the Fifth Gate, there are things that have become common knowledge.

Such is the elements the world exists of.

Fire, as the sun warms the Beings and lets the plants grow.
Water, as the rain feeds the soil and the oceans carry life aplenty.
Earth, as the Beings live and walk on and are buried in.
Air, as the Beings and the plants breathe it.

So even if the four kinds of magic are rather common, to those who know how to wield it, they are strong.

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30DC, Day 13: Sacrifice of a Child

Somewhere in the Elvish Kingdoms, in midst of the lush forests and wild rivers, there is a valley where the soil is so fertile, any crop can grow there.

A giant river used to flow into the valley, flooding it, and still the groundwater is high.

When a large group of Elves came to the land, they knew the valley was where they could live in peace forever. Thus, they build a dam to keep the river as a lake and when the water had sunk into the ground, the Elves moved into the village and build themselves a home in it.

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If you had children, and they were magic, would you also put them through Knight school? Why or why not?
─ Anonymous

I would not, since there will be no need to.

When the day comes that I will give birth to children, the war will no longer rage in this world.

My children will not have to learn how to wield a sword or their magic in a school, they will be free to find out themselves how to entertain themselves with what has been given to them.


I suppose I’ll just stay here then…Doing nothing…

Is there something troubling you, Ser?

30DC, Day 12: City of Ashes

The Gate the Humans were originally from was a tender one.

At night, the stars and moon shone brightly, at day the sun was mild and their eyes had neither had to adjust to brightness or to darkness.

No volcanoes were a threat to the land, and the strong ground made natural disasters very uncommon - Magic was nothing they had to have to defend themselves against nature.

There were not even animals that were out to hunt them and thus, their bodies never grew strong, or fast, the Humans in their world could just live into their days.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the Humans were such a great danger to themselves.

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