No, this couldn’t be. Pressing herself against the wall right next to the door, Sidjay took a deep breath. It just couldn’t be. Light brown hair, green eyes. It looked like him. But what would be possibly be doing in Betechem, on such a fancy party nonetheless? She had thought he was travelling with a friend, at least so had Freja said. Sidjay grinned, then he ruffled through her hair, give it a little more volume. Her blood rushed through her body, and somehow, somehow she was really excited. Never had she thought she would see him again. Turning around and entering the room, as radiant and charming as she could, the man looked at her with a stunned expression. 
It wasn’t him.

No, this couldn’t be. Pressing herself against the wall right next to the door, Sidjay took a deep breath. It just couldn’t be. Light brown hair, green eyes. It looked like him. But what would be possibly be doing in Betechem, on such a fancy party nonetheless? She had thought he was travelling with a friend, at least so had Freja said.
Sidjay grinned, then he ruffled through her hair, give it a little more volume. Her blood rushed through her body, and somehow, somehow she was really excited. Never had she thought she would see him again.
Turning around and entering the room, as radiant and charming as she could, the man looked at her with a stunned expression.

It wasn’t him.

Death and Dungeons || Sidjay, Amean & Absarc

They had done it. After Sidjay had killed the guard, she had crashed into the ground, pain soaring through her shoulder as she landed on the frozen stone ground. It hurt, but for what it’s worth, she eliminated the threat - and now they were in HagaFosiel. The Gift. The city at mountain’s foot.

Her heart beat fast, as the three of them immediately rushed into shadow again, scanning the location first before making any other move. She had been in Mancer cities before, but this one was important. King Karadas had tried to take HagaFosiel for about as long as he reigned Trollian, yet the three gigantic walls and the mountain shielding the city on its fourth side had never allowed the city to be taken.

Sidjay could almost feel the wall reach up to the skies behind her. Biting her lip, her body urged her to get up and run into the city to find the dungeons, but her small share of experience saved her from that suicide.

Staring into the first few illuminated houses a few hundred meters away, the blonde took a deep breath to calm down a little, regain control. “Do we have any measure as to the dungeon’s whereabouts?”, she asked the boys, “Or are we going to scout for them by ourselves?”

Sidjay Character Chart



Adapted loosely from [x]


Full name:  Sidjay Markinson
Name origin:  Human Tongue
Nickname:  Sid
Nickname origin:  Shortened version of “Sidjay”
Do they like the nickname?:  Yes, she is content with it.
Sex/gender:  Cisfemale
Age:  25
Birthday:  16th of July
Place of birth:
Race:  White Human


Height:  1,71m
Eye color:  Blue
Face shape:  Diamond
Distinguishing facial features:  Very well-groomed.
Other facial features:  Very clear skin.
Who do they most look like?:  Their Mother Emmeryn (Scarlett Johansson)
Describe their smile:  Charming and bright, with teeth white as they could be - a smile that has been taught to be perfect. Yet, when she really smiles, she grins, and you can see the rebel sparkling in her eyes.
Left or right-handed?:  Right-handed.
How do they dress?:  Depending on the occasion. Sidjay loves to dress up in pretty dresses to impress just as much as she likes shorts and shirts that give her space to move as she likes.
Any special accessories? If so, why are they special?:  Sidjay has a set of small diamond jewelery she has been given by her parents as a gift for her graduation from Jewantes School. A ring, a necklace and a pair of earrings, all complimented by silver.
Something they always carry with them:  Nothing. Sidjay prefers not to carry anything with her whenever she gets out, and embraces anything that may happen.
Weapons:  One heavy, double-bladed Great Sword she wields with two hands.
Describe hairstyle:  Changed as she likes, mostly a bob.
Natural hair color:  Golden Blond
Natural hair texture:  Wavy
Cleanliness/grooming:  Very clean, very well-groomed, she puts quite some effort into her looks.
Miscellaneous physical characteristics:  Slender, but womanly curves.
Skin tans rather easily.


Pace of speech:  “Regular”. Faster when she chats, slower when she tells stories, or says something important.
Voice tone:  Bright
Accent:  None, she was taught High-Human.
Describe their laugh:  Starts out very melodic and controlled, then increasingly get’s louder and brighter - until she pants.
Describe general speech pattern:  Sidjay loves speaking, and enjoys using her voice and words to convey something. Very controlled. She likes to use well-educated speech and words. Unless angered, she always thinks before she speaks.
Mannerisms/demeanor:  Even if she does what she wants, she still has her high upbringing, and her own ladylike training in most of her movements. She is far away from a clutz and often uses body language to play around with.
Typical posture:  Upright and back mostly straight, yet relaxed, not stiff.
Gestures:  Subtle and not too big, but used carefully to underline words.


Current residence:  Kelt Major’s Compan Apartment - Betechem, Trollian
Do they live with anyone?:  The entire Major Compan, she shares her room with Migwa Norius.
Where would they ideally live?:  In an apartment right in the heart of the biggest city in the Goodlands, preferably a Loft.
Any pets?:  None, since she does not have time for them due to her occupation. Sidjay has an affinity for birds, and would like to keep a few.
Current occupation? Are they satisfied with this?:  Knight, Field Magician: Weather Magic. Yes, she is very satisfied, Sidjay loves that it gives her the opportunity to travel, have all these adventures, and eventually become a heroine.
General health:  No chronic or mental illnesses, no disabilities. Not physically at her peak, but healthy.


Mother’s name:  Emmeryn Markinson (neé Leonhard)
Mother’s age:  52
Mother’s living status:  Alive and Married
Father’s name:  Willem Markinson
Father’s age:  57
Father’s living status:  Alive and Married
Describe relationship with parents:  Loving, even though she was a problematic child, hardly ever listening. She sees them rather as friends than parents.
Any other caretakers?:  No, yet she stood in contact with her aunt and uncle, as well as grandparents.
Siblings:  Yoscar (31), Johnus (29), Freja (27), Leen (19), Filip (13)
Describe their ancestral history:  Both families are prestigious: The Markinsons own a Merchant Company, who has been successful for generations. The Leonhards are estranged royalty, while not a royal house anymore, they still bear name and connections. Usually only two children are born, and the Markinsons were shunned for having six children.


Describe their sense of morals:  Sidjay has a very free sense of morals. She believes in “good” versus “bad”, standing and fighting on the “Good Side”. Thus, killing the “bad” enemy is, to her, the morally right thing to do.
How do they act in public?:  Very aware of herself, very charming, as she has been taught how to behave in public, and finds it very fun. She likes to either play a fine young lady, or a strong heroine, depending on who she talks to.
How do they act privately?:  Casual, a lot less lady-like, and very carefree. Just being Sidjay, without playing a role.
How do they react in a crisis?: Sidjay is a very non-organized person, a light crisis will just be taken without worries and worked out - yet a critical will drive her to her limits. As she has a hard time worrying enough, often minor crisis’s escalated into bigger ones. Frustrated, she will fight, but quickly lose control of the situation.
How do they view life?:  To Sidjay, life is an adventure she enjoys very much. She rather takes it for granted.
How do they view death?:  Sidjay doesn’t worry about death - although this is because she doesn’t think of it, and it seems more of a concept to her than anything else. Strongly doesn’t want to die, but doesn’t make any measures to ensure she doesn’t, either.
What motivates them?:  Her own enjoyment, if she likes doing something, she will do it well. Also, any possible glory, or whether her actions will make a good story.
What makes them happy?:  Going on adventures, being around her friends, getting attention, being adored, living an exciting life.
What makes them sad?:  Loneliness.
What makes them angry?:  Being bossed around, decisions being made for her.
What humiliates them?:  Being defeated in combat, failing a given mission, being laughed at.


Who are their close friends?:  Kelt Major, Johnus Markinson, Migwa Norius
Sexuality:  Straight, but could imagine having sex with a women.
First love:  Agravain Poali
Current love:  Not fully developed yet, but occasionally feels rushes of love for her Compan Leader, Kelt Major.
People they dislike/hate: 
Marius Thesus: Complicated. She dislikes him for defeating, almost killing and kidnapping her, yet after a confronting conversation with wine, she was forced to acknowledge the fact that he did not, in fact, kill her. Feels uneasy about him.


Any psychological issues?:  None, yet her lack of worry and strong carelessness might be interpreted as bordering.
Intelligence level:  Lower than average.
Self-confidence level:  Much higher than average.
Optimist or pessimist?:  Great optimist.
Emotional or logical?:  Very emotional.
Dominant or submissive?:  Rather Dominant.
Patient or impatient?:  Depends on the situation, leaning towards impatience.
Compassionate or self-involved?:  Very self-involved.
Greatest fear:  Leading a boring life, getting no acknowledgment whatsoever.
What is their greatest strength?:  Her Charisma.
What is their greatest weakness?:  Her care-less nature.
Biggest accomplishment?:  Destroying large parts of Marius Thesus’ fleet during the Battle of Meas.
Biggest regret?: Playing a role for too much time of her life.

super cool character chart, for any of you who still want to do the last general challenge :] 

Tell us about some of the adventures you went on with Agravain Poali back when you were young!
─ Anonymous

So, since you so kindly asked for multiple adventures, I will give you a little platter of appetizers.

The first story does not seem like an adventure, since it was his and my first meet, and my family had just moved to Lemp. While my mother was busy nursing my younger siblings, and my older siblings were polite and well-behaved as they could be, I saw a boy my age sneak out of the room. Which is when I followed him.

The second story is the most dangerous, and also the story of how I broke my arm, came back home in nothing but the shreds of one of my favourite dresses, almost gave my father a heart attack, and all this just because young Agravain thought I, as a girl, was not able to climb trees.

Lastly the third story revolves around my brother Johnus, a fairytale about a silent king and a princess that can fly, and it was the day I developed my puppy love for the boy who rejected me.

He did make my childhood rather interesting.

What's your favorite adventure that you've been on together with Kelt?
─ Anonymous

My very favourite? My, this is hard to choose.

However, there has been a time where we explored an active volcano, since there had been sightings of abandoned Dragon eggs. It was so hot, yet so very exciting to climb the volcano first, with the occasional rumble shaking us thoroughly through.

It was almost at the peak, that we noticed something very wrong was going in, the earthquakes had become so frequent and the air was so hot it burned in our lungs.

It was Mohmay, of course, who put one and one together and dragged us in a shallow cave we had found earlier, just as the strongest earthquake got us and heat ran through the stone as if it was boiling. Liev Dea did all she could, used every bit of magic in her body to extend her Moon Magic over all of us, to keep us from burning to ashes - as the volcano erupted, layers of stone next to us and dripped down the paths we had just walked.

Of course out cave had been partially flooded with lava and Menjai jumped between us and the lava to save our flesh from cooking. Eventually, all was still, and Liev could cool down our surroundings and the lava in the cave enough for us to climb out on it.

The sight was amazing, glowing streams of lazy molten burning stone dripped down the mountain like syrup. Liev was thoroughly exhausted and I had to conjure rain to cool down our way back to secure ground.

Oh, it was amazing, my heart still beats so much faster thinking about it.

Staring out of the window, Sidjay watched the rain rattle down on the ground, soaking the earth and leaving puddles on the streets. Today was no day to go outside, it had been pouring rain ever since she had woken up, and it was cold, too. Going out would mean getting sick, getting sick would mean getting killed - because a cold was no excuse not to fight. Even if it slowed down all reflexes. Staring out of the window, Sidjay felt the walls of her shared room with Migwa more than ever. Then she smiled. If it was just rain, she would be able to handle it. Rain was nothing that could trap her.

Staring out of the window, Sidjay watched the rain rattle down on the ground, soaking the earth and leaving puddles on the streets. Today was no day to go outside, it had been pouring rain ever since she had woken up, and it was cold, too.
Going out would mean getting sick, getting sick would mean getting killed - because a cold was no excuse not to fight. Even if it slowed down all reflexes. Staring out of the window, Sidjay felt the walls of her shared room with Migwa more than ever.
Then she smiled. If it was just rain, she would be able to handle it. Rain was nothing that could trap her.

Who defines good and evil?
─ Anonymous

If I may ask a question in return: Is ‘good’ and ‘evil’ something that truly can be defined? Does it not depend on circumstances and a certain point of view?

I say each one defines good and evil for themselves, being influenced by what we were taught, what we experienced and what we can compromise on.

For me, the Knights are fighting on the ‘good’ side, trying to save the world from the ‘evil’ that lays in the unfortunate Dark Souls fighting within DracoMancer lines, save the Gate from the war the Cold North has started.

Into HagaFosiel | Sidjay, Amean & Absarc



The water was freezing, and it positively surprised Amean. It was mid-winter, the water was supposed to be freezing, even though it probably was warmer down here, where no wind blew, than up where they had come from. Yet somewhere in his mind he had still thought the water could have been warm - warmed up from everything swimming in it, and it had run shivers down his spine.

His Teccup eyes adjusted to the darkness quite quickly and even though his dark demeanor fit right into the darkness, the contrast that were his bright blue eyes now almost seemed to shine. After Sidjay had - apparently without a single second of hesitation, jumped down to them, too, he had guided her towards Absarc and took his place at the back. Usually the mid was reserved for him, being surrounded with strong magicians in his Compan, but it was a nice change.

At Absarc’s “Let’s go”, the three started to walk through the water, which was gently flowing against their legs - well, his legs, Sidjay’s hips, but Amean was just really tall.

As they walked in silence, now and then Amean felt a fish swim in the water and the regular amount of rats, insects and spiders. The further they walked, the higher the water got. When the stream was especially strong, they stopped. Amean at the back didn’t really know what was going on, and he heard Sidjay gently bump against Amean’s back.

"Is everything alright mate?", the Teccup whispered forward to his friend, "Did you hear something?"

Absarc heard Amean followed his jump with his respective splash, as well as the kind gesture he had made Sidjay that was about to jump as he scanned what he was able to see beyond. Absarc quickly turned around though when he heard Sidjay’s splash went off first than Amean’s finished words, thinking that she could’ve probably fell or slipped. As he did, he found Sidjay standing quite steadily and he thought that he had to stop doubting the fellow woman, she had surprised him he had to admit, but that wan’t a good reason to underestimate her. She reminded him of Liev in the way that he had trouble trusting her abilities for a very long time and deep down he knew it was just because he, after all, is very protective since he felt and feels responsible about her. 

However, she did have trouble with the darkness so Absarc felt the need to get closer to her as Amean guided her towards him. He gently touched her shoulder to let her know that she had arrive but at the same time he used his grip to position her front towards the way they will be walking anytime soon. “You’ll have to use your hearing sense at it’s maximum” he replied to her as he let go of her shoulder and nodded to her offer as he started walking through the still water not taking into account that she couldn’t have seen him.

One thing that will always amaze Absarc is the different sensibilities of the senses each race has. The fact that he did not have to worry about the darkness because for him he had the same ability for both day and night, and the only thing making him realise such a thing are the races that are not able to do so. Then, will we only appreciate or value what we have if we know it could be taken away or lost? What would the world be like if every race and every animal had the same sensibilities? Will someone be conscious at what he or she has? Would anything be acknowledged? 

Aside from the water flowing due to the steps the three of them made, everything was quite, everything was still for quite a while. Absarc could hear a few insects moving around though, but those sounds were ignored by him so he could stay alert and focused when a different noise emerged (if it every did). 

For every step they took, the clatter of the waterway got louder and the level of the water had now surpassed Absarc’s waist when at the beginning of the canal it barley was able to touch it. By now, it had gotten a little bit more difficult to distinguish a sound to the other since the rushing sound of the water was able to link most of them into only one – to Absarc’s ear of course. However, a sudden footstep-like sound from above echoed and could be recognised. Without notice Absarc stopped and payed close attention to, what seemed like, a direction these may be headed. It was then when he felt Sidjay bump against him but he didn’t mind, after all he understood but that wasn’t enough to hide a little smirk from appearing from his face as he turned around to look at his friend, “I did, don’t you? It seems as if I was hearing footsteps? We might be getting close if they are indeed but this means we will have to deal with the source behind them once we get to the surface” he pointed out. “We have to find an exit to this canal, even if it means we need to get to its end. Do any of you suggest something?” he said in his calm whispery voice.

Her leather armour stuck to her body, thoroughly wet from fighting through water that almost went to her boobs. It smelled worse from down there, but by now Sidjay had gotten more than used to that smell. ‘Underneath the ground, we fought against the currents that tried to push us aback, away from the city, away from the ones we had come to rescue.’, she put together in her mind already, to have an exciting story to tell her brother and best friend later on - and all those who wanted to hear.

As Sidjay suddenly gently crashed against Absarc’s back - which was surprisingly hard and wide, he must spend every second training - Amean instantly noticed, reminding her how much better they were able to see in this pitch blackness. Or rather, how much they were able to see in the first place.

After they exchanged a few whispered words, silence fell between them again, each one trying to listen and hear the footsteps Absarc and his Elven Ears had heard. Sidjay listened, but she heard nothing, not that she had tried very much. Both before and behind her did a much better job than her, if they said something it was probably right. The thought of getting out of here to somewhere where she could see, fight, use her magic - somewhere close to their goal, got Sidjay’s insides on fire again, though.

"I am all for finding the exit and dealing with whomever might be guarding it. We certainly will have the moment of surprise on our side.", she whispered, grinning in the darkness.

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Into HagaFosiel | Sidjay, Amean & Absarc



Amean grinned and patted his best friend on the back. “This is awesome. This way we actually have a chance, a good chance”, he said,  and his voice was proof enough of his relief. Getting into HagaFosiel, getting Salsia was so important, but in the end, so was surviving. He needed to see his siblings again, one day. Now the chances of getting Salsia, Calat, and themselves out alive were growing bigger and bigger.

Crouching down, he instantly started to dig the hole bigger, so they would all fit in - but, as he could have expected, there were bars in their way. Well, until Sidjay got her sword out. Amean was just about to stop her, that could ruin her sword, but he had underestimated the girl, as her sword crashed onto the bars and through them. It has to be heavy. For a second he stood there silently, while Sidjay made sure to crash through the rusty bars, until she stopped and smiled a white teethed, proud smile at them.

"Or… like that. Thank you.", he said. It seemed out of the three, even she surely didn’t look like that, she was the most ‘brute force’. Who would have known.

"Alright, I’m just going to scout for a second.", he explained, then let his mind slip out. His body went stiff and his eyes white, now the two had to take care of it. Amean had sought out the river rat, but it seemed it had already gotten too far. Instead, he got a regular, smaller rat, one of many as it seemed. It was dark, but the rat smelled more, felt more with her whiskers. Most importantly, the sound of rushing water, the tipp-toing of other rodiants and the occasional squeeks were the only thing it heard. No Mancers down here. Slipping out, Amean’s head adjusted to the lesser hearing, then he turned to Absarc.

"Nothing down there, should we get down? You lead us."

Absarc was about to try and bend the bars in front of him when he felt a touch on his shoulder and stop immediately thinking that one of them had a thought to be heard. He liked to hear others opinions and ideas although he was in the lead, with them, he could make sure that everyone felt they had an important role in his group. And they had, after all, a simple thing as company was more than enough if one asked him. He turned around towards the woman, a bit surprised but at the same time proud that they had someone with power and energy and at the same time courage and spirit. Absarc nodded at Sidjay’s actions and a defined smirk emerged showing her now gained respect and it just seemed that Sidjay’s smile appreciated it. Absarc actually valued Sidjay’s concern although it wasn’t like a pair of cold hands could stop Absarc from continuing his duties but the fact that there was someone who cared for them, made him feel recognised. Probably Absarc was just exaggerating from that one touch and comment but his smirk and nod reflected this unknown feeling inside too.

At the success of the now clear path, they were now one step closer at accomplishing their mission. Still, they were not done. Anything could happen and he had to be ready to act with surprise and come up with a new plan at any moment if it was necessary. Absarc was ready, and the fact that he now knew his companions, specially Amean as he was after all his best friend, made it easier for succeeding because when you know what you have, its simpler to know what you can obtain with it.

It was then that Amean thought about using his magic, and it seemed as if Absarc and him had shared their thoughts this time. Once Amean went still, Absarc moved closer to him automatically as if their actions were rehearsed and grabbed one of his shoulders to ensure stability as soon as Amean had cut his connection. “Don’t let his eyes freak you out, I sometimes think he does it on purpose just so he can try to scare me” Absarc said to Sidjay laughing softly as he did. Honestly, if Amean was actually doing it on purpose, he had succeeded for quite a while before Absarc had accustomed to the effects magic had on his friend. He has never asked though.

“Thank you Amean. And I’m glad there isn’t, still, we have to be prepared for anything you understand me? Who knows what could lay hidden under this canal or who may be waiting for us on the other side.” He explained maintaining his calm. “Sidjay, it’s black dark in there so stay close to either Amean or me for guidance” he added looking and pointing to the canal and back towards the blond woman. “Everyone ready?” he said waiting for an answer, “Let’s go”. And he went off towards the inside of the blackness, him taking the lead.

Absarc tried not to remember why were they doing this, what was the reason behind this mission. The past will not hunt him right now so he just pushed the memories right at the very back of his mind hoping that they won’t come running claiming to be remembered. He just couldn’t bare it.

As soon as Amean used his magic, his body stiffened with a jerk and his eyes either rolled so much back into his head, she couldn’t see them, or they simply turned white, hard to make out in this dim light. Either way it was freaky, and even though Absarc had been kind enough to warn her charmingly, her initial reaction was to back away a step. Then she let out a quiet chuckle, the first time she had seen Animal Magic at work would hopefully not be the last time, since the company of the two was quite nice. It did remind her of Migwa and Kelt, although Absarc was probably Kelt with a little dash of Johnus. One way or another, it was appealing.

When Absarc talked about everything possible being able to be down there, Sidjay felt a little more excited. “Why thank you, I will do just that.”, she replied to Absarc, who jumped down the canal first, only to be followed by Amean and his respective “splash”. “You can jump down now, we’ll catch you, if possible.”, Amean said to her from down below, but Sidjay had already leaped down the hole, hand covering mouth and nose.

The water level was lower than she had thought, Sidjay was lucky the jump wasn’t too low, because her feet still crashed against the ground, even though softened by the water. “My, you were absolutely right. My eyes are not able to make out anything down here.”, Sidjay said softly and walked closer to where she thought Absarc was, so Amean could walk as the last. ‘The weakest link in the middle’ made Sidjay feel a little unhappy, but there was no fact denying that the Human Race came with nothing but average phsyical skills.

"Now, down here I have no ability of reaching the skies and my magic is unable of working, yet if you need a sword, or hear something suspicious, just touch me.", Sidjay said and sighed. Hopefully this canal was just short enough to get them into the city. She couldn’t wait to not depend on them anymore.

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Into HagaFosiel | Sidjay, Amean & Absarc



"No", Amean said, without looking at the woman, "Don’t worry about it." As the moonshine had been thrown on the ground where they stood, he had been startled - what if they could see them even better now? What if people saw the cloud move that quickly and suspected a magician behind it? His mind running through possible ways to get unseen again, something caught his eyes, and his mind.

He had felt it before he had seen it, as he dimly felt most animals that were close to him, and Amean had only seen it jump into the ground, but he knew it was a river rat. “A river rat!”, Amean explained to his best friend and the Weather Magician, a big smile appearing in his face. “Rats mean were close to the city, but we know that already. But river rats! They live close to rivers, but, like, I haven’t seen a river here. If it is what I think it is, it just went to underground, we might totally have a chance of actually getting into the city!”, Amean explained further, waving Absarc to him, while going to where the river rat had jumped down. A hole into the ground was nothing special, but the sound of rushing water promised something else than just an underwater river.

"What do you think, Absarc? Could this be the canalization?"

As the clouds moved away, Absarc looked back to check upon his fellow team. It was then when Amean’s concentration caught his attention and instantly Absarc followed his sight. “What is it, man?” he said as he was receding from his current spot and towards Amean’s location. “A river rat?” he asked with confusion without even noticing the black rat emerging from the coldness and instead he looked at Sidjay and back to his old friend just to see a genuine smile. A smile that make him follow his stare again, towards the rodent, as he heard Amean’s hypothesis and followed his steps towards the hole the rat had just gotten into.

"Most probably, yes. Here, help me dig further” he said as he turned his head towards Sidjay and Amean with his hands already touching the gelid snow. “And, in fact, we can easily get inside the city but even better, without being noticed. We can most certainly surprise them even further.” he said finishing of Amean’s idea. Who knows if surprise was what they needed right now though, what if all they did was make a scandal? No, they had to be smart, they had to become like the brisk wind that surrounded them all: never seen but always felt.

Absarc started to dig ignoring the feeling of needles in his hands as they slowly started to go numb and instead, listening to the noises of clashing water that seemed to be prisoned from the undergrowth. It took some time for them to dig enough for the rusty iron bars to become visible. A tunnel made of stone that, with the shine of the silver moon, it’s surface looked so smooth that seemed slippery. It became almost impossible to beleive that these stones could belong to the hidden canals of the city, or could it be just an act from the moon? Still, the dark canal that could be seen further beyond the rusty bars appeared to lead into HagaFoisel, if not, what else could these lead to, though?

Absarc sighed as he approached the metal bars, “These seem old, maybe with force we can bend them enough so we can be able to get through.”

Sidjay really didn’t know what to feel. Her initial reaction was joy, after all getting into the city unseen was a huge deal. The Knights have been trying to get a hold of HagaFosiel for ages already, this would be a BIG discovery! On the other hand, this was the canalization. Feces and urine being brought from, or out of the city, in water. Kind of distusting, but then again, every enemy they killed soiled themselves, since muscles relax after death. The dirty smell only reminded her of more battles. What really bothered Sidjay, however, was the lack of fun, the lack of excitement - how easy it might become. That was no adventure, that was walking in, walking out.

At least they would still be the heroes, who entered HagaFosiel, saved two important prisoners of war and came back with tons of stories sung about them.

"Your hands have already suffered quite enough, Absarc.", Sidjay said and put a hand on his shoulder, mentioning him to step aside. "Instead of bending, my weapon is more skilled at slicing and breaking.", she said, pulled her wide, heavy sword from her back, held it over her head with two hands - and worked hand in hand with gravity and her sword’s weight as she pushed it down on the shining rusty bards with all her force.

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