30DC, Day 9: The Dawning and the Setting of the Sun

In an eternal circle, the sun that starts every day by dawning, will end it every night by setting. Before any being had opened their eyes in either Gates, the Gods had already existed, some young and some very, very old.

When the Old Gods were New, two Godly Children fell in love with each other, a Goddess and a God, who felt like the completed each other like nothing in any Gates completes anything.

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30DC, Day 8: Snow in the Desert

With Lath Magicians roaming the Fifth Gate, most children born with Magic get found out quickly.

In the North, the so called Dark Souls are feared and Lath Magicians are saviors, in the South, they are an invitation.

To a toddler girl in Huntia, they never came - lost talent.

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30DC, Day 7: The Bahkauv’s Slayer

Where the Hot Springs warmed the Cold North, the Beings grouped up, until a Beast appeared and made the Springs it’s own.

With horns and teeth and scares and fur, a calf-like Beast called the Bahkauv lived in the Hot Springs. It jumped on the back of any Being daring to bath in the Springs, killing it from behind.

To the Beings, the Hot Springs were lost.

Until a little boy of eight years came and defeated it.

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30DC, Day 6: Bahkauv

In the very North of the Fifth Gate, there is one place that had been sought out often for hundreds of years.

It is cold in the North, so cold all year around, the snow never melting, that the Cold has become part of the name. Right next to the Ocean, water seems like it wouldn’t be anything special, yet all the Demons sought out was even such - with one big difference.

The water in a few springs in the Cold North was hot.

Many Demons and other beings sought out the Hot Springs, loving the warmth that they only knew from fire or underneath fur and blankets.

However, the Beings were not the only ones.

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30DC, Day 5: Queen and Fire

Most beings were created by Hera and Sadar, just after the Fifth Gate had been made itself, sky and stars, mountains and oceans. Angels were Hera’s doing, Sadar was responsible of the Demons that would rule the North many ages later.

However, the Fifth Gate, as the name might suggest, was never the only one, and other worlds always existed, crawling with life just as this one was. Beings that would only come to the Fifth Gate later, from the Gates that they lived in before.

One of them was the Gate that held the Dragons, a Gate that was theirs alone.

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30DC, Day 4: Burn the Bones

The Cold North of the Fifth Gate is trapped in what seems like eternal winter. While it does get warmer, snow and ice never seem to melt, and the soil is hard and unforgiving.

With hardly any crops growing, hunting has become a vital mean to their diet and meat is valued highly.

Yet, even though they may be starved and freezing, the hunt has always been special to the Demons of the North, who were thought of as so cruel and brutal.

During the Festival in Honor of Hera, a deer is killed at night in her name, to value life, which is widely know. However, there is a another custom, though not very common, that is meant to value death.

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30DC, Day 3: Light at Night, Fire in the Water

Many rivers run through the country called Teccupia, connecting the land to the Masadur and the Western Oceans.
Some run wild, strong and free, and others are calm and soft.

A river of the latter kind flows through the South of Teccupia, in midst of the lush forests. It is a shallow river, merely a meter and a half deep, and flows every so gently in curves through a small village called Leach.

Whenever the year ends, the river gets a special meaning to the village of Leach and the Teccupians living in it. In the Warm South none of the waters freeze in winter, although the nights are just as dark and thus the water-loving Teccupians have created a special tradition.

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30DC, Day 2: Insanity

Gods, alike Beings, are born with purpose.

However, unlike the Beings created by Hera and Sadar, their purpose is not something to be searched for. To Gods, it is obvious, it is part of them.

Their purpose is who they are, what they are responsible for.

Thus, the Gods and Goddesses of Magic were born and thus, the Gods of Land and Sea, Tree and Wave and Beings are grateful.

Yet, Beings are small and small is what they can understand of the world and often it comes, the Beings don’t understand the existence of something, the existence of a God, and blame and cry and scream in anger.

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30DC, Day 1: Death by Old Age

Millennia ago, the Gods have decided to stop all contact with their creations, bitter and disappointed. Free will had spoiled their children, so the Gods went mute and as the Fifth Gate lost itself in war after war, they got bored and eventually lost all interest.

No more special children were born, no Halflings became their own races, Magic was spread more rarely. Busy with their own lives, the Fifth Gate had no connection to it’s creators. All Gods were gone, to never contact any being again, except for one.

One Goddess, so quiet, so calm, she was often forgot by her own kind even, one Goddess that had no holidays, no priests and priestesses. A Goddess most prayed to, without even knowing she existed.

The Goddess of Death by Old Age.

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Winter Glow || Kelt and Sidjay vs OPEN


Kelt was a forgiving man, he didn’t pay much attention to attitudes. In his opinion some people had bad days, and while he liked them best on their good days, he couldn’t expect people to be happy all the time. Which was great, people were different in that, and he enjoyed it. 

So, when Sidjay apologized for her way of acting that morning, he couldn’t help but find her really cute and pat her on her shoulder. ‘You are forgiven, not that I still held a grudge or anything. If I would, Johnus would have some serious problems with me. He’s more of a trouble than you’ll ever be. Which is why I like you best, of course.’ Just like any parent with children, Kelt would often make jokes about liking either Johnus or Sidjay best. He didn’t know why, maybe it was just his idea of siblings, that there was always something competitive about being in company of someone who was the same as you. 

As they got closer to the field, Kelt started to scan the whole area around them, in his own defense, and of course, to protect Sid. Battles were always most chaotic. You started off with some by your side, and at the end, you probably changed your company around five times. There were enough times when one could greet people not seen in a lot of months. The chaos had it’s positive and negative effects. For one, Kelt hated not being able to keep his eye on all the members of his Compan, having to wait till dinner to see if they would all come back. 

'Just in case, you know, we loose each other, I'm giving this enormous speech at dinner tonight, and you'll have to be there,' he said. Even in the events of probable dead, Kelt would always want to see the good stuff. He didn't doubt Sidjay would come back, even if the battle at Alcart had dismissed his natural positive nature. She knew how to take care of herself, he had to believe that. 

„I’m aware you would never hold a grudge – or be able to, but I still wanted to say it.“, Sidjay replied, he did deserve it. Just to know that even her, Sidjay Markinson, who really didn’t like apologizing much, would say she was sorry, because Kelt deserved to hear it.

As Sidjay had thought about Kelt feeling good, Kelt, as always, returned the favour multiplied by a bunch and Sidjay grinned deviously as she listened to him. Oh, she did love compliments, a week could go by without a single personal victory in battle, but a week without hearing something good about herself, that would only be dreadful. Lucky for her, Kelt was always there for her – and others – to give them their daily dose. Whenever he was busy, Sidjay just went and looked for someone else to give her a little attention.

Of course she knew Kelt called Johnus his favourite from time to time, too, it was a game after all. A game Sidjay loved to win and whenever Johnus had gotten in Kelt’s favour, Sidjay just turned out to go the extra mile. The Markinson girl sighed dramatically when she said: „For four days straight already. Johnus is seriously slacking off.“

Jogging on, Sidjay watched her Compan Leader eye their environments carefully. She could never become Compan Leader, since watching out was something she rarely ever did. It did get her into sticky situations, Mancers and other enemies appearing out of nothing, like the one in Meas had, but if she had to be honest, Sidjay quite enjoyed it that way. Adventure and surprise were the spices of life.

„When have we ever lost each other?“, Sidjay teased the man to her side lovingly, after all, it happened around every battle that one after one from their little chaotic compan went missing, or rogue on purpose. But in the end, the always found each other again. „You know best how much I adore your speeches, however. I’d be a horrible shame if I missed it.“, the blonde added, this time sincere. She herself being a lover of language, Kelt was great in motivating everyone whereever he went and it was a true pleasure to watch him talk.

The battlefield was close now, not even two hundred meters away. With a few grabs, Sidjay loosened the straps that held her heavy two-hander on her back, where it was easy to carry for long distances. Heaving it on her shoulder plate, they could already see the faces of the first fighting Mancers and Knights. The sun shone cold, but strong from the sky. Only a few clouds were around, not really bothering the sun, but Sidjay still put one of her arms up and dissolved the clouds into the bits they were made from.

If the battles were heated, Sidjay had a lot less time to help Kelt have full acess to the sun, so she might as well have done it now. „If you have thought of a plan, sharing it now would be handy.“, she spoke to her best friend loudly, „Otherwise, I will have my fun aiding those who need help – without get out of your sight, of couse.“