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If you knew someone else's secret, would you tell anyone? If it was really really story-worthy?
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Oh, my, my, I think you got me.

As someone listening and conversing with so many, I do tend to get to listen to some very peculiar secrets. Some make for such an amazing tale, that I have found myself retelling it - without telling names, of course, but still. I have sinned!

The best secret place to visit on an adventure?
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Well, Kelt is a great fan of Teccupia, and yes, it is a wonderfully beautiful country. However, I have to admit that I am fond of Nether.

Alike Teccupia, it has mountains, forest, the sea and rivers, even if on a smaller scale - but most importantly, it reminds me of my childhood, and all the tiny adventures - and few actually big ones! - I had before I entered Jewantes’.

Each time Johnus, I, and Kelt, most of the time, visit our family, it tends to be a chaos-filled day, too.

Death and Dungeons || Sidjay, Amean & Absarc


A friendly game of cards was played by the night duty guards every other night. They were always in a foul mood during the night, since none of them owned Magic, yet they were always asked to defend Magicians. Only once in a while a Mancer would show up to bring food or interogate the prisoners. They had just send a young lady in, who had yet to come back. The prisons were small, but there was only one way out, which was its strength.

August threw up the Emperor with a smirk on his face, meaning he had won this round of Ships. ‘Beat that, dimwits!’ 

As guards of HagaFosiel, the three of them: August, Shahin, and Deon were asked to show themselves in their Demonic form only, which did make playing cards difficult. However, they knew very well that they were stronger looking big and scaly instead of small and skinny. 

August collected the few items: a silver ring, a pack of cigarets and Shahin’s boots - which he would always bring and he would always win them back in the end. 

The three of them were alarmed when they heard the door being kicked in. Shahin was the first on his feet - despite not having boots - and grabbed his sword from behind his chair. He moved in on the door as his two fellow guards were taking their weapons and edging away from the table towards the wall in front of the door. ‘Intruders!’ Shahin called, loudly, hoping the Mancer they had seen disappearing into the prison would hear them. Deon reached for the bell that would send a sound up to the ground floor, warning fellow soldiers on upper levels about what was happening. 

There were three people in the opening, a woman with blond hair, a man with blond hair and an other man with blond hair. Different races, all armored and looking dangerous. 

The guards knew they wouldn’t have to ask for clarification, it was clear enough why these people wanted to get in. August was the first to attack, he fought with an heavy axe, meaning that if he attack first, Deon and Shahin, the two sword fighters, would get in later and defend him so he could go back and attack again. Blunt and speed, that is how they did it. 

Demons, she had almost forgotten how tall they were. Sidjay had fought quite a few Demons by now, mostly Cold North Soldiers as these four, she assumed, unless they were specially trained as guards of the dungeons. Not that it would make a difference to Sidjay - trained or not, they were going down.

The first one came at her with a big axe, fitting his big frame. Didn’t even look half as impressive as Killah heaving up her heavy axe, it just looked like a toy in his hands. In her mind, Sidjay send Killah a blow-kiss - because during their training together, she had learned exactly what to do. Could be coincidence, could be Kelt praying his voice hoarse for this mission and Sidjay, and either way, the human appreciated it.

Waiting for the man to up his axe and rain it down, Sidjay dodged to the side and use the rest of her momentum to let her big sword slash into the Demon’s side, slitting armor, and hopefully shedding some blood.

Instantly, she was faced with two other demons, wielding swords. There surely would be a good tactic, how to fight with one big double-handed sword against two other swordsmen, but Sidjay wasn’t one for tactics. Sidjay was one for running up to them, twirling herself twice between them and just holding her sword in both hands, as physics did the rest and send her sword across their chests - blocking her babe of a sword with two measly smaller ones? No chance!

The only problem about her aggressive style was that right now - she was not wearing her big armour. She was wearing nothing but dark leather, and underneath was just a human girl, far away from any Blue Magician. While Amean stayed out of trouble still at the door, even if clutching his sword, Absarc entered the room fighting too - with both, his weapon, and his magic, Sidjay noticed as she heard a scream behind her.

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Death and Dungeons || Sidjay, Amean & Absarc


Amean nodded as a response to the human’s idea. While Absarc used more of his Gold Magic to make them seem invisible for the time being,  Sidjay held him as his mind left his body, which slumped together in her arms. Rats were all around them, and it was an easy feat to split his mind in two and gently enter the minds of two rats at once. As long as they were somewhat close to him it would be alright, and when they got too far away from his body, he would have to choose just one mouse to continue, or the threads of his mind would become too thin. Amean really didn’t want to know what happened when they were so thin, they could rip.

The rats entered the gully with Amean, only to find out that it really didn’t go down to the sewers they had come from - but actually was a sort of smallish tunnel - an air vent, as Sidjay had assumed. With the vent just going in one direction, Amean quickly switched over to just one rat and ran through the vent - until he found them.

It was hard to stay in the rat with the excitement that rushed through him, it felt as if the whole world shook forcefully, and his body pulled him back, urging to react on its own - but he hadn’t found an entrance yet. He couldn’t go back yet. He had to find the entrance. Yet there they were, Salsia, right underneath him, in a cell alone, Calat, in another next to her… and a Mancer right in front of them, close to them. They were talking - he could hear them talking, but Amean’s rat-self didn’t understand. His mind was working, but his rat ears didn’t make sense of the noises those beings made - but he was able to hear how harsh Calat sounded. Something was off, something was weird. They had to hurry.

Jumping down from this height was suicide as a rat, so Amean had to mind-jump into another rat. Mindjumping was hard, very hard, especially if he was jumping so far from his body. But Amean knew that he was great. If anything, he was great with his magic, he had gotten full points in Magic Control when he graduated - now it was time to prove it.

Waiting until another rat - no, it was a mouse this time, smaller, but a longer tail, bigger ears - was right underneath, Amean curled his mind up in a ball - and pressed it out of the rat forcefully, searing through the air and crashing into the mouse. It must have hurt, because the mouse squieked in pain, and Amean felt absolutely horrible, but it had to be. And he had done it.

Running through a big stone tunnel in being-size up, he actually found a suitable entrance quickly - the dungeon ended in a door, behind which were 4 guards in a room, which led out to the street again. Slipping out of the mouse, it took long, way too long to return to his body. It felt like minutes, instead of seconds, and each second it took longer, Amean had to breath deeper. “Stay calm”, he reminded himself, “It’s going to be alright.”

Suddenly he was able to open his eyes - and it was pure pain. It was bright, it was loud, and he felt like his limbs were all wrong. All wrong.

Sidjay held him tight in her arms, not letting go of Amean, who was shaking as if he was suffering a seizure, until his body calmed down again. “I know… I’ve found it…”, he said, even if was merely a whisper.

Sidjay didn’t really understand much about other kinds of magic. She knew her own, even if she was rather bad at it, she knew Kelt’s Sun Magic and Johnus’ Dark Magic by heart - and those of her group she saw being used regularly. Animal magic was rare - she knew so much from never having seen an Animal Magician before, and she had thought it to be rather cute - until she saw Amean as he was now. Exhausted, overstimulated - as if he had been in a fight, he was sweating and turning in her arms. She held him closer, afraid he might make too much ruckus, or hurt himself, until eventually he stopped, and was able to speak again.

After that, he still seemed dizzy, but he had caught himself in control again. She looked at him with big eyes, and actually honestly was a little scared for him. That was what magic could do to one if it was overused. Suddenly she felt the urge to touch her sword.

Absarc turned to his best friend, giving him a prep talk. It was true, they had to go on, they were so close to their goal. “Can you walk, Amean?”, Sidjay asked, unusually compassionate, to which he stood up in response. “Yeah. That’s just probably been all I can do magic-wise for today.”, he said, breathed again while being stabilized further by Absarc, and pointed further down the street they had been on.

With the Absarc-Amean Duo leading the way, Sidjay watched Absarc pant, too - he had been using his magic for a long period as well. Eventually they stopped in another street, looking almost identical to the one they had been in - house next to house. “This one.”, Amean whispered and pointed at another random house with a blue door, “It’s just a facade. Behind that door is a room with four guards and another door that leads directly to Salsia and Calat… and the other Mancer.”, he said, touched his head and looked at Absarc. “I have my sword, but I’m honestly just not that good with it”, Amean confessed, which only made Sidjay smirk.

Smirk, get her sword out of the sheath and lay it on her shoulder. “Don’t worry about that, Amean. Absarc seems very capable with his weapon - and I know as a fact, that I can wield mine quite great, as well.”, Sidjay said and positioned herself right in front of the door. “I apologize for not being of much use up until here - from now on, this will be different.”, she said  to the two men with a smirk - and with a little roar, Sidjay Markinson kicked in the door.

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